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About Us

TangleMist is fully or variations of the following:

Julia Sowden - Vocals, penny whistles, flutes, hand drums, percussion

Andi Sowden - Guitars, ukulele, mandolin, backing vocals

Mark Barnard - Djembe, Backing vocals

Ivan Gosling - Cajon

Former Members:

Kozmik Ken - Djembe, Monotron

Tony Norton - bass, backing vocals

Mike Norton - lead guitar

From time to time, other musicians and friends will join in the live performances to enhance the raw sound of guitar, drum and vocal. Primerily, live performances are acoustic, but studio work has seen the band also 'plugged in', as well as various effects used on traditional instruments.

TangleMist as a name, came from inspiration provided by whales being named as a scientific study in California by a friend of the band. The name was deemed to be an apt description of our personality, which we hope is reflected in our eclectic collection of self penned songs, which draw inspiration from personal life experience.


Artwork by kind permission of Bari Watts

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