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Latest News

After a 'Covid Hiatus', and the added Julia having major surgery due to cancer, we have played a few gigs this year to test ourselves. We are back on it!! Watch out for us in 2023 - the festival bookings are rolling in - woohoo!!

It was with great sadness that we learned our djembe and monotron player, Kozmik Ken passed away on 26 Jun 20 from a pulmonary embolism, aged 64. He will be massively missed and always remembered. Ken; you haven't left the band...ever.


Most of last year, and the winter months have been spent in the studio, creating CD No4, which will be a collection of animal based songs, and will be sold for fund raising for select animal groups. Featuring on the CD will be such people as Alan Davey, Dave Turner, Ric Sanders, as well as Julia, Ken, Andi, Mike, Mark & Tony. The songs are totally different from our usual offerings. It's gonna be a corker!



After a busy year last year, and the release of our live album 'I'm Smiling And It's Not Even Lunchtime, which has been mixed and produced by our great friend, Alan Davey; and mastered by the legendary producer, Paul Cobbold; Mike & Tony have decided to part company with us due to other commitments. However, we have been joined on 2nd djembe by Mark Barnard. Mark is primarily involved in the band Medicine; but will be with us on stage for any gigs which don't clash.

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